The prints shown are available directly from Vander Stelt Studios.
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each painting and for details on availability of reproductions.
The artwork is reproduced using two different methods .

The first method is giclée printing. Giclée prints are also
sometimes referred to as Digital Archival Prints. These fine art
reproductions are printed one at a time using archival quality
pigment based inks. Giclée prints faithfully reproduce each and
every detail of the original. Each giclée is available as part of a
signed and numbered edition.

The second method is offset lithographic printing. These are
printed in large quantities on a printing press. The larger print
runs allow for a reduced cost per print. These prints look more
"printed"; and traditional oil-based inks are used to print them.
These are signed by the artist.

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pricing, dimensions and availability. For additional details on
purchasing prints, contact the artist.

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